The most appropriate bottling system for your brewery depends on the amount to be packaged, the cost of labour, the quality you require and the funds you have available.

Bottling equipment in microbreweries ranges from a simple manual bottle filler up to an automated 20,000 bottle-per-hour bottling line, complete with depalletiser, bottle rinser/filler/crowner, labeller, basket-packer, case packer and palletiser.

Consideration must be given to how you ensure a good shelf-life for your filtered beer. There are three options: tunnel pasteurisation, sterile filtration or flash pasteurisation. Although they sometimes have their place, tunnel pasteurisers are generally not recommended these days as they are both energy and water hogs. In addition, they take up a lot of space and provide a humid working environment. They have a high capital cost and require regular maintenance. A better option could be to purchase a sterile filter or flash pasteuriser and place the filler in a cleanroom.

Packaging can be very expensive but doesn’t need to be. Tell us how much space you have and what volumes you’re aiming for, and we’ll advise you on the right packaging system for your needs.

We can even work with you to design a staged installation: for example, you could start with a bottle filler and basic labeller, and install other equipment as your volume grows. This can be very cost-effective.