Until recently, canning has mainly been employed by the larger breweries as the equipment involved has been too large and too expensive for microbreweries. That has all changed now with small, cost-effective can fillers and seamers being manufactured for microbreweries. In the USA, many microbreweries now market their premium products in cans. The Craft Cans website has an up-to-date list of which breweries are canning their products.

Canning does have some benefits over bottling, including:

  • The beer cannot become light struck
  • There is no need for crown seals or a labeller and labels
  • Cans are lighter
  • Cans are easier to recycle
  • Cans chill down quicker

Brewtique can supply a complete range of canning solutions:

  • A manual benchtop unit capable of 3 to 5 cans per minute
  • In-line units with four of six filling heads capable of 90 cans per minute
  • Rotary units capable of 300 cans per minute