Traditionally, breweries used separate fermentation and storage vessels. In recent times, the introduction of unitanks has been the more cost-effective solution. Unitanks reduce the space required, your capital outlay and beer wastage.

Vessel sizes are typically one, two, three or four-brew with 25% headspace to allow for fob build-up during fermentation.  A fermenter should be able to be filled with 24 hours.

Fermentation vessels and unitanks are jacketed to allow the refrigerant to cool the brew as required.  Storage tanks can be jacketed or single-walled and kept in a coolroom.

Bright beer tanks can also be jacketed or single-walled and can double as serving tanks in a pub brewery environment.

In Australia, all pressure tanks must comply with the Australian design standard and be registered.  Pressure relief valves and anti-vacuum valves must meet the appropriate standards.

Brewtique can supply new or used tanks for any application in your brewery. We can also design and install any process pipework required.