Management and Consulting

Operations Management The Brewtique team can provide an extensive range of operations management support services to breweries and related companies. Our background and worldwide major brewery experience, plus our knowledge of micro and medium scale breweries, means we can adapt and apply advanced processes and control systems to smaller scale operations. We can provide anything from a full management contract to operate your brewery through to the provision of specific services on an as-needed basis. The specific services provided can relate to: Quality Control and Quality Assurance Process Control Production Cost Control (including plant efficiency, wastage, plant and product utilisation) Plant Maintenance Training and People Development Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (O.H.S & E) Production Budgeting and Planning and Process Reporting. We can also provide specific advice on all areas of the brewery including brewing, fermentation, filtration, bottling, canning, keg racking, maintenance, quality control, warehousing, sales, marketing and strategic business direction.