Beer straight from the keg is the ultimate treat for all beer fans and it is now available to the home consumer thanks to the party keg. Whether at home or outdoors, draught beer is always a big hit for any occasion.

Party kegs are available in 2L and 5L versions.

Over 500 beer brands throughout the world are successfully marketed in party kegs. They can be delivered with individual designed branding or available as un-branded ‘silver’ kegs from our local stock.

Microbrewers find that party kegs are cheaper than bottles, crown seals, labels and cartons and the equipment required for filling them is a fraction the cost of a bottling line, so they are a cost effective way for breweries to enter the take-home market. Party kegs provide a significant point-of difference to the standard 330mL bottles that are the choice for just about all brewers in this region. They are an easy way to transport 2L or 5L of beer in a compact, attractive and unbreakable container that can be recycled an infinite number of times. The 5L kegs offer the brewer 1500 cm2 for high quality branding. A number of filling options are available including a simple hand filler, semi-automatic filling machines and fully automated filling lines.  

There is no minimum order quantity unless you require individually decorated kegs.  In this case, an order of 3,360 units (i.e. a 20ft container) is required. Standard branding includes the application of a white basecoat (lacquer) to the keg body, four-colour printing (cyan-yellow-magenta-black), followed by the application of a colourless protective coat. Other colours are available although this may involve an increase to the unit price. Smaller customers tend to order lower quantities than this, and so order the plain or undecorated (‘silver’) kegs. They then apply their own label or branding separately.