A portable CIP (clean-in-place) pump is adequate for small breweries and is usually supplied with a manual starter mounted on a stainless steel cart.

If you are serious about cleaning and hygiene, an automatic CIP set is the way to go.  This provides a consistent and repeatable clean, and ensures that the key elements of a clean are achieved – time, temperature, chemical concentration and mechanical scrubbing action.  Cost-effective two-tank CIP sets are available.

Larger breweries should consider two fully automatic CIP sets: one to automatically clean all brewhouse vessels and pipework up until the wort cooler; and one to automatically clean all other pipework, the tanks and filler.  Large CIP sets include vessels for water, caustic, acid and rinse recovery.

Most tanks and brewhouse vessels are supplied with spray balls that allow the cleaning chemicals to be sprayed over their inside surface.  Cleaning machines are not much more expensive, provide a better clean and use less water and chemicals.

Brewtique offers a range of CIP systems and can advise you on the one to suit your brewery.