When reviewing quotes for breweries, note that they may not include the provision of utilities (steam generation, refrigeration, compressed air, utility water, CO2,electricity). 

To size the equipment for the utilities correctly, detailed knowledge of the brewing, cellaring and packaging operations is required.  Be careful accepting equipment (e.g. boilers) manufactured overseas as they may not meet the Australian standards.

The compressed air system for a brewery should be dry and totally oil-free to avoid any contamination of the product with oil or oil odours.

CO2 can either be supplied in cylinders for smaller breweries or delivered in bulk to a storage tank provided by the gas supplier.

The refrigeration plant needs to be flexible enough to meet future requirements, and a skid-mounted system is the best option.

The boiler can also be a skid-mounted unit incorporating boiler water treatment equipment.

Electrical distribution is a vital and often overlooked item. Ensure the main supply is sized sufficiently to avoid costly modifications when new electrical loads are put on stream.

Brewtique can specify your utilities requirements and also provide a P&ID (piping and instrumentation diagram) if required.

Brewtique can also procure, install and commission your utilities and all associated process pipework and fittings.